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Geosheets is shutting down December 1, 2022

Geosheets began as a passion project in 2016 to make mapping and working with geospatial information more accessible, easy, and fun. Active development stopped in 2017 but we have been excited to maintain and support it during that time, but recently it has unfortunately become infeasible to continue to operate, maintain, and support the product.

Geosheets will cease to operate on December 1, 2022. The Geosheets add-on for Google Sheets will no longer return results and maps will become inaccessible.

Your source data of course already lives within Google Sheets and is unaffected, however if you have columns of data that are the results of Geosheets formulas, you may want to copy and paste these formulas results as data to avoid Google Sheets recomputing these formulas later and returning errors. Simply highlight the cells you wish to preserve and paste them wherever you like using "Edit" --> "Paste special" --> "Values only".

On December 1, all remaining active paid subscriptions will be cancelled, but you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. In the Geosheets sidebar within Google Sheets, simply click the Account button in the upper right of the sidebar, and you will be able to cancel your subscription. If you have any trouble cancelling, feel free to contact us at

We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience caused by the shutdown and wish we were able to main Geosheets for even longer. It has truly been a pleasure to work on a product that seemed to provide value to so many of you and hear about your amazing use cases.

All the best,

Jonathan and Matt