Welcome to GeoSheets.com!

If you’re looking through this page, I can safely assume you use Google Sheets and want to get better at it.

I am Steve, and I have been a heavy spreadsheet user (MS Excel as well as Google Sheets). I am often blown away by how much stuff I can do with this free tool (thanks, Google).

Steve Scott Excel and Google Sheets
Me, looking like I’m analyzing complex data, when in reality, I’m thinking what to order for lunch

This website is not my first rodeo. I started a similar site about MS Excel (called Spreadsheet Planet), and it has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn and use MS Excel more efficiently.

So when I saw someone selling this domain (it used to be a site about some Google Sheets maps add-on), I thought I would start another site about Google Sheets.

I also stand to gain personally from doing this.

When I write about tech stuff, it helps me understand it a lot better.

Writing about spreadsheets makes me a better user, which in turn helps me be better when working on my own projects or when working with clients.

On this site, I will try to answer common queries people have and also write about some advanced Google Sheets use cases.

If you have any questions about spreadsheets or you just want to say hello, you can reach me at steve[@]geosheets[.]com

Running a site takes a bit of investment, so I hope you won’t mind if you see display ads or affiliate links here or there. I am not trying to make bank, but I do need to attempt to recover the actual costs and pay for a couple of coffees a week.