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Easily Work With Location Data In Spreadsheets
Get comprehensive location lookup by state, neighborhood, and more with dead simple functions
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Create data-rich, interactive maps by calling =GEO_MAP
Geosheets makes mapping instantaneous and flexible all within your existing spreadsheet
"Geosheets allows us to make informed business decisions. The alternatives are too slow, too hard to use, and too expensive. Unlike other GIS software, Geosheets doesn't require hours of training or expertise to use. It's intuitive to display your location data on a map in seconds."
- Josh Goldman - SVP, Phase Change Resources
How It Works
Work directly in spreadsheets
Define locations and any associated metadata in your spreadsheet. Use geocoding and lookup functions to augment your data.
Generate business-grade maps
Create maps with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations without having to work with expensive and hard-to-learn GIS software.
Customize and share your maps
Set placemark shapes, colors, and sizes to represent your data. Easily publish and embed your maps or share with coworkers or friends.
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